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Sunlife Farm is located on the Central Coast, renowned for its fertile land, mild climate, and accessibility of resources. With our ranch being situated in the Santa Maria Valley, we are in a position to have more prolonged growing seasons than other regions. Our harvesting season ordinarily spans from late-March until the end of December.

A path of dirt between two rows of strawberry plants , with many red strawberries in view.
Farmworkers gathered around a supervisor to hear  important information


At Sunlife Farm, our aim is to offer the finest quality strawberries to our consumers. We set high standards for our products. Our highly qualified staff examine every batch of strawberries we harvest for quality and appearance to make certain that we are supplying the best strawberries possible.


Every employee is held accountable to the safety and handling polices set forth by the company, and by the strict guidelines set forth by the FDA and USDA.


To further assure our quality, we use Primus GFS (a Global Food Safety Initiative) as our third-party scheme for food safety.

Primus GSF Certificate for Sunlife Farm showing a final audit score of 100%. Valid from June 2023 to the end of May 2024.
Far away view of a strawberry field and the sky with no people in sight


Siblings Araceli and David Gaspar established Sunlife Farm in 2021 to continue the tradition of farming formed by their parents, who immigrated to the United States and embarked upon growing strawberries on a modest farm of five acres.

Sunlife Farm is directed by Araceli and her older brother, Evencio Gaspar. Both are closely involved in the day-to-day activities guaranteeing everything goes smoothly on the ranch. We are delighted to announce that Araceli and Evencio have successfully expanded the business from a 50-acre farm to a 100-acre operation! It is their dearest wish to continue growing the business and leave the land as fruitful for the next generation of Gaspars. We couldn’t be more proud of the pair and can’t wait to see what else they will achieve.

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